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Betting rules

  1. All betting contracts shall exclusively be governed by the following Betting Rules unless the latter are repealed by mandatory provisions of law. Alternatively, the relevant laws of the Republic of Malta shall apply to the contractual relationship between the parties.
  2. Each bet involves Wettpunkt International Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "the BOOKMAKER") on the one hand, which is entitled to accept bets on sporting events in accordance with the licence granted to it by the authorities, and the Bettor on the other hand.
  3. Bets are offered and placed on the outcome of certain betting events in the context of sporting events as determined by the BOOKMAKER before the contract is concluded.

  4. By placing a bet, the Bettor expressly acknowledges that the present Betting Rules are valid and applicable to the bets placed or to be placed with the BOOKMAKER, and that he/she has read, fully understood and taken note of them prior to placing the bet.

    The Bettor is responsible for knowing whether his betting is legal.
    The Bettor states that he/she has reached the minimum age required for the conclusion of betting contracts under the legislation of the country and/or state where he/she is domiciled and/or presently resident, that he/she is not barred from placing bets for legal or other reasons, and that he/she has no knowledge of the outcome of the sporting event in question.

    Moreover, the Bettor guarantees that the funds he/she uses as stakes do not originate from any illicit acts and that he/she is free to dispose of them.

  5. The Bettor agrees that the BOOKMAKER is free to refuse individual bets without stating any reasons, to limit the stake prior to accepting bets or to change the odds before concluding the betting contract. Furthermore the BOOKMAKER reserves the right to set individual limits for special events and to be able to change these limits at any time both upward and downward.
  6. The records of the BOOKMAKER shall be authoritative for all bets. By clicking on the "Place bet now" button the Bettor confirms that the bet is captured correctly.
  7. A betting contract may only be cancelled or amended by mutual consent of the Bettor and the BOOKMAKER; such cancellation or amendment shall be effected as a note in the records of the BOOKMAKER. Thus, the Bettor is not entitled to withdraw from the bet unilaterally once the contract has been finalised.
  8. Any rescission of the betting contract on any legal ground whatsoever shall be excluded.

  9. The BOOKMAKER does not warrant that the data transmitted between the BOOKMAKER and the Bettor via Internet are conveyed completely and free from disturbances.
  10. The BOOKMAKER expressly assumes no liability for any disadvantages of the Bettor in respect of betting contracts, including pecuniary disadvantages, which result from data transmission line faults and/or other circumstances outside the control of the BOOKMAKER, as well as from incomplete or garbled data.
    On abort of a session, for whatever reason, only the data, which has been saved on the BOOKMAKER's server before the abort, is valid. Data, which can no longer be assigned to the session, is not vaild. Particularly the BOOKMAKER assumes no liability for any disadvantages of the Bettor, including pecuniary disadvantages, resulting thereof.

  11. In the event of obvious errors of the BOOKMAKER in determining the odds, the BOOKMAKER shall be free to amend such erroneous odds without notifying the Bettor, and accordingly to make changes in the Bettor's betting account.
  12. The Bettor shall not be permitted to assign, pledge or otherwise dispose by legal transaction of any claims vis-à-vis the BOOKMAKER under a betting contract, or to set off such claims off against claims the BOOKMAKER may have against the Bettor.
  13. If an event on which a bet was placed does not take place as described in the odds list (e.g. when the home team voluntarily plays away), the bet shall be invalid and stakes shall be refunded unless the home team plays on neutral ground.
  14. If, for any reason whatsoever, the bet is placed after the event on which it is placed has started or in a manner that does not conform with the Betting Rules, such bet shall be invalid and the stake shall be refunded to the Bettor as a credit in his betting account.
  15. However, this shall not apply to bets in which the BOOKMAKER expressly offers betting after the beginning of the event, as is the case in long-term bets or betting in running. The BOOKMAKER shall be entitled, with binding effect for the Bettor, to register in the records the time when the bet was placed.

  16. The results announced directly after the end of the sporting event on which the bet was placed shall be the outcome decisive for winning or losing the bet (e.g. Formula 1 racing: trophy presentation). Later changes in the outcome (e.g. jury or officials' decisions) shall not affect the pay-out.
  17. In the event of football matches, the result after 90 minutes (regular playing time), and in the event of ice-hockey matches, the result after 60 minutes (regular playing time) shall be decisive for the bet being considered as won or lost. Extra time, penalty shoot-outs etc. shall not affect the bet as considered won or lost unless otherwise agreed by the parties to the contract in the records of the BOOKMAKER (e.g. promotion to the next round in the European Cup).
  18. If an event is cancelled or, for any reason whatsoever, is not held at all or not at the original time, if an event is broken off or terminated without an official outcome, the betting contract is void so that the stake is credited to the betting account unless
  19. a) the date for which the event has been re-scheduled is known at the time of cancellation and such date is within two calendar days from the time when the original event was due to begin, or

    b) the event takes place in the framework of a tournament (e.g. world championship, European championship, national championship, Olympic Games or tennis tournament) and is re-scheduled to take place in the course of the same tournament.

    All references to time refer to Central European time (CET).

  20. If a betting event is broken off but has an official result, the bet shall continue to be valid and Clause 12 shall apply mutatis mutandis. A tennis match ending by w.o. shall be considered not to have taken place with the stake being credited to the betting account.
  21. If two events of the same kind (e.g. giant slalom in skiing) are held in one place, all bets placed before the first event started shall be considered as bets on the event scheduled first unless expressly agreed otherwise or specified accordingly.
  22. Any limits of the BOOKMAKER shall be taken into consideration when effecting pay-outs on bets.
  23. In the event of "dead heats", the pay-outs shall be divided accordingly (e.g. two competitors tie – half of the stakes are won, half of the stakes are lost so that the odds are e.g. 1.5 instead of 3.0 or 0.8 instead of 1.6!). In competitions involving only 2 competitors (teams) (duels, e.g. training duels or team sports with a straight handicap) where no odds are offered for ties, the stakes shall be credited to the betting account in the event of a "dead heat".

  24. The principle "play or pay" shall apply to all bets. This means that the bet is lost if the competitor or team which the bet was placed on fails to participate for any reason whatsoever while the event takes place.
  25. If, in a bet combining several betting events, one or several events are cancelled or broken off or fail to take place for any reason whatsoever without being re-scheduled within the meaning of Clause 14, this (these) betting even(s) shall be attributed 1.0 odds. If all events combined in a combination bet (multiple/parlay) are cancelled, broken off or fail to take place for any reason whatsoever without being re-scheduled within the meaning of Clause 14, the stakes shall be credited to the betting account. If a bet combining several betting events is placed after one or several of the betting events, these betting events shall be attributed 1.0 odds. However, this shall not apply to events where the BOOKMAKER expressly offers betting after the beginning of the event (e.g. long-term bets, betting in running).
  26. Minimum stakes, maximum winnings
    1. Minimum stakes per bet:
    2. 1 EUR (1 Euro, 1 €) or
      1 USD (1 US dollar, 1 $) or
      2 SFR (2 Swiss franc) or
      0.5 GBP (0.5 Pounds Sterling = 50 pence)

    3. Maximum winnings per bet (regardless of the type of bet [solo, system or combination bet] and the amount of the (total) stake):
    4. 1000 (one thousand) times the stake wagered but not exceeding a maximum of:

      20,000.00 EUR (20,000.00 Euro, 20,000.00 €) or
      20,000.00 USD (20,000.00 US dollars, 20,000.00 $) or
      40,000.00 SFR (40,000.00 Swiss francs) or
      10,000.00 GBP (10,000.00 Pounds Sterling).

    5. Maximum winnings per bettor and calendar week:

    40,000.00 EUR (40,000.00 Euro, 40,000.00 €) or
    40,000.00 USD (40,000.00 US dollars, 40,000.00 $) or
    80,000.00 SFR (80,000.00 Swiss francs) or
    20,000.00 GBP (20,000.00 Pounds Sterling).

    with calendar week being defined as the time from Monday, 00:00 hours, to the following Sunday, 24:00 CET.

    The BOOKMAKER expressly reserves the right to reduce bets in which the total winnings would exceed the above limits in such way as to avoid that the limits are exceeded.

    The BOOKMAKER assumes no liability vis-à-vis the Bettor for any winnings theoretically lost due to such reductions.

  27. Betting Account:
    1. The BOOKMAKER shall open a betting account for each Bettor when the latter places his/her first bet and has funds credited to such account; any and all credits, stakes, winnings credited and pay-outs shall be transaction through that account.
    2. The betting account shall exclusively be available for the respective Bettor.
    3. The BOOKMAKER does not assume any liability for any misuse of the betting account by unauthorised persons. For this reason, the BOOKMAKER recommends the Bettor to treat his client-specific data (client number and password) as confidential since any and all account transactions effected while using the client number and password, as the case may be, will be carried out in the name and for the account of the respective Bettor identified by the client number and password.

    4. Credits in the betting account of the Bettor shall be effected by irrevocable charge to the Bettor's credit card and/or irrevocable credit in the bank account of the BOOKMAKER.
    5. The Bettor acknowledges and agrees that no bets can be placed if there is no cover for the stakes in the Bettor's betting account or if the stakes are not credited to the Bettor's betting account, i.e. the BOOKMAKER will not accept the bet without any further action.

  28. An offer to place a bet sent by the Bettor to the BOOKMAKER by clicking on the "Place bet now" button will be processed electronically at the BOOKMAKER'S and shall be considered accepted by the BOOKMAKER at its company seat without any further action on the part of the BOOKMAKER or any information from the BOOKMAKER to the Bettor being required as soon as the bet is listed in the Bettor's betting account.
  29. As a matter of principle, the BOOKMAKER will not send any separate notification about the acceptance of the bet to the Bettor.

  30. If the credit balance in the Bettor's betting account is insufficient for placing bets with the stakes desired by the Bettor, the stakes will automatically be reduced to the amount available in the account.
  31. Stakes and transfers from betting accounts may only be in the currencies in which stakes can be wagered on the respective betting pages of the BOOKMAKER on the Internet. Transactions between betting accounts must be authorised by the BOOKMAKER.
  32. Any and all charges for money transfers and foreign exchange risks, if any, shall be at the expense of the Bettor. Currently there are no fees for the betting account itself.
    The BOOKMAKER has the right to set limits on pay-in and pay-out, and to reduce pay-outs which would exceed the amount on the betting account.
  33. The BOOKMAKER reserves the right to check customer accounts on transactions and to report suspicious transactions.
  34. Sign-Up Bonus and Voucher

    The free betting-bonus (sign-up bonus and vouchers) and all further marketing-boni from Wettpunkt.com can only be used for betting and can not be converted to cash.

    A free betting bonus may only be used for betting at Wettpunkt.com and can only be cashed there. A betting bonus will only be paid out if it has been completely used in bets at least once - for certain special boni in more than one bet. In all other cases the amount will not be paid out and remain on the betting account at Wettpunkt.com.

    The free betting bonus must be used within 2 months after it has been credited on the betting account. Otherwise Wettpunkt.com reserves the right to withdraw the bonus from the betting account.

    Only one betting bonus may be claimed by one customer / per home. If a customer claims free betting bonuses on several betting accounts, Wettpunkt.com has the right to invalididate bets made with such fraudulently obtained bonuses and to balance the betting accounts accordingly.
  35. The Wettpunkt Bonus for the first desposit

    For your first deposit in your newly-opened betting account at Wettpunkt, you will receive 10% of the amount of this first deposit credited to your account as a welcome bonus. The maximum bonus for a first deposit is 100.-€ per person and household.

    The bonus for a first deposit may only be used for bets and cannot be paid out initially.

    The Wettpunkt bonus for the first deposit may only be used and spent on the bet offer on www.wettpunkt.com.

    Payment of the bonus for the first deposit is exclusively made under www.wettpunkt.com. In order to receive the payment of the bonus for a first deposit, the betting customer will have to spend the whole amount of money initially paid as well as the bonus for the first deposit, for at least one bet – with certain, specially announced campaigns, on several bets. Otherwise the bonus for the first deposit will remain with www.wettpunkt.com.

    The bonus for the first deposit on www.wettpunkt.com must be redeemed within 2 months after receipt on the betting account, and be placed totally on one or more bets. If this is not the case, www.wettpunkt.com reserves the right to withdraw the bonus on the first deposit from the betting account concerned.

    A bonus for the first deposit may only be redeemed once per betting customer or household. If this regulation is disregarded, www.wettpunkt.com is entitled to cancel any bonus on the first deposit that is further redeemed and to settle the incorrectly existing balance of account.

  36. Winnings will be credited to the Bettor's betting account and may be used by the Bettor to place further bets or may, at the Bettor's request, be transferred to an account to be communicated. There will not be any cash pay-outs or similar kinds of pay-out. Underage persons can have neither winnings nor pay-ins transfered from the bettings account.
  37. If the Bettor believes that entries (credits as well as debits) in his/her account are incorrect, the Bettor shall be obliged to complain to the BOOKMAKER by registered letter about such entries believed to be incorrect without 30 calendar days from the date of such purportedly incorrect entries, with such letter stating the betting account as well as the entries believed to be incorrect, failing which the respective balance in the betting account shall be considered to have been approved by the Bettor.
  38. The BOOKMAKER shall be entitled to correct obviously wrong entries or entries due to error in the betting accounts on its own.
  39. If the betting account is not used for some time, specified by LGA Malta, then the customer and/or LGA Malta will be notified, the betting account will be disbanded and the money on the account becomes the property of LGA Malta.
  40. The Bettor agrees that phone conversations between him/herself and the BOOKMAKER, if any, may be taped.
  41. The Bettor agrees that the BOOKMAKER will electronically process and store personal data which it acquires knowledge of as bets are placed. Such data is used exclusively for and in the context of bets placed in transactions involving the BOOKMAKER and the respective Bettor and is under control of LGA Malta.
  42. These Betting Rules shall take immediate effect, thus superseding any and all prior versions.
  43. The BOOKMAKER reserves the right to amend these Betting Rules unilaterally and shall publish such amendments on its website for a period of 2 (two) weeks after such amendments were made.
  44. Bets placed as from the time when the respective amendments were published shall be subject to the amended Betting Rules; they shall not apply to bets placed prior to such amendments retroactively.

    In the event that the Bettor has not visited the website of the BOOKMAER for more than 2 (two) calendar weeks, he/she undertakes to read the Betting Rules prior to placing a bet and to recognise them as the contractual basis for all further bets.

  45. Disputes arising from betting contracts concluded by and between the BOOKMAKER and the Bettor on the basis of these Betting Rules, including disputes about their interpretation and validity or disputes relating to their violation, termination or nullity shall be settled before the courts having local and subject-matter jurisdiction in Malta. However, the BOOKMAKER shall be free to assert any claims it may have vis-à-vis individual bettors before other courts.

    Appendix 1 – Data protection and privacy policy notice

    Wettpunkt.com is brought to you by Wettpunkt International Limited located at GO Communications Centre 104, Triq Salvu Psaila, Birkirkara, Malta. Wettpunkt.com is an internet betting portal that forms part of the F.G.S Group, which has been founded in the European Union since 1979 and are specialists in the sports and leisure industries. Wettpunkt International Limited’s activities are regulated by the Lotteries and Gaming Authority located at Suite 1, Level 3, TG Complex, Brewery Street, Mriehel, Birkirkara BKR 3000, Malta .

    Wettpunkt.com’s business is built on the strength of the quality of its services and therefore feels responsible for ensuring the privacy of its uses is appropriately protected at all times.

    In setting up its data protection and privacy policy, Wettpunkt.com sought to comply with the Data Protection Act (Chapter 440) of the Laws of Malta and with the European Union Data Protection Directive (EU 46/95) and the Electronic Communication Privacy Directive (EU 58/2002).

    In essence, Wettpunkt.com will process your personal data in accordance with the following main principles:

    • Personal data will only be collected for specific purposes;

    • All personal data is to processed fairly and lawfully;

    • Personal data is to be processed in accordance to good practice;

    • Personal data is not processed for any purpose that is incompatible with that for which the information is collected;

    • The personal data processed is adequate and relevant in relation to the purposes of the processing;

    • No more personal data is processed that in necessary having regard to the purposes of the processing;

    • Personal data that is processed is correct;

    • All personal data is not kept for period longer than is necessary;

    • All personal data is to be kept in a secure manner using both technical and organisation measures.


    When you visit Wettpunkt.com you may freely browse the site without telling us who you are, unless you have already registered with us. However we may place a cookie on your computer to enable us to keep statistical track of our audience and build up trends on usage. More details on the use of cookies can be found in this document.

    Collecting your personal information

    When you open an account with us you are required to provide us with specific personal information. Fields indicated with an asterisks (“*”) are mandatory and you will not be able to open your account without providing such information.

    The information that we collect about you is collected for both operational purposes in order to open your account and also in view of the legal obligations that we may have. Should you opt, we will use your e-mail address to send you regular newsletters of our activities.

    When opening an account, an identification cookie is installed on your computer. More details on the use of cookies can be found in this document.

    We may record telephone conversations to offer additional security or to resolve any complaints.

    Fair and lawful purpose for collecting your information

    We collect your personal information for the following main purposes:

    • Operational – in order to be able to provide you with the right service, administer your account and keep your gaming records;

    • Legal – Wettpunkt.com is legally obliged by the Lotteries and Other Games Act, 2001 (Chapter 440) of the Law of Malta to register all players and ensure conformity to the provisions of the Act;

    • Direct marketing – bring you information about products and services that may be of interest to you;

    • Special offers – enabling you to participate and qualify for a special offers, contests or competitions.

    Disclosure of personal information

    Your personal information may be disclosed to and processed by employees within the F.G.S. Group in order to provide you with the services and to administer your account.

    When a financial transaction is processed by yourself or by Wettpunkt.com we may also disclose your personal details to our authorised financial institutions, agencies and merchants in order to process the said transactions.

    We will not disclose your information to third parties unless we are legally obliged to do so or in the even that an account holder is directly or indirectly involved in a crime that involves Wettpunkt.com.

    Wettpunkt.com does not provide personal data of its account holders to third parties without obtaining your prior consent.

    Your right to access and control your personal information

    To make sure that you control your personal information, Wettpunkt.com enables you to:

    • View the personal information we hold about you;

    • Update and change personal information that is inaccurate, irrelevant or out of date;

    • Request that any personal information that is inaccurate, irrelevant or out of date be corrected or deleted;

    • Choose to stop using our services and have your personal information deleted, if permissible by law and/or will not prejudice Wettpunkt.com’s position at law.


    Wettpunkt.com has invested in various technical and organisation security measures to attempt to protect against the loss, misuse and alternation of personal information under our control. For example:

    • We have built our systems with your privacy in mind at design stage;

    • Our employees who have access either to the database that stores information or to the servers that host our services must comply with security rules. While we cannot guarantee that loss, misuse or alteration to date will not occur, we make every effort to prevent such unfortunate occurrences.


    When you enter a site, your computer will automatically be issued with a cookie. Cookies are text files that identify your computer to Wettpunkt.com’s server. Cookies in themselves do not identify the individual user but the computer being used.

    Wettpunkt.com uses cookies for the following main reasons:

    • To automatically identify your preferred choice of language;

    • To automatically track the session traffic flow;

    • To be able to identify the account holder for special offers and bonuses.

    Users have the opportunity to set their computer to accept all cookies, to notify them when a cookie is issued, or not to receive cookies at any time. It is not possible to use Wettpunkt.com’s site without cookies.

    Contacting us

    If you have any questions about this policy or the practices of this site, please send an e-mail to privacy@wettpunkt.com.

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